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Real Estate Investment Properties

Deals For Investors, By Investors


Let Us Be Your #1 Source For Investment Properties.

We specialize in sourcing fix and flip, buy and hold, and new construction opportunities


We Are An All-In-One Real Estate Solution. And Your New Favorite Buyers.

At Revel, We are a Dispositions Focused Real Estate Company that values building relationships with Investors and Deal Finders. We Can Help You Sell Your Deals to our large network of Investors. We Are Also Investors Ourselves! And Buy Fix & Flips In Multiple Markets.

Where We Revel


Building Your Portfolio One Deal At A Time

Real Estate

Investment Properties

Real estate investing doesn't have to be complicated, but you do need deals. We here at Revel have your back, making purchasing properties sweet and simple!


Whether you are trying to land your first real estate deal or you are a seasoned investor, the key to your success is finding out about opportunities as soon as they become available. Our proven system puts you on the fast track to finding the right deals for you!

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Find a Deal to Buy

Search through our current inventory or review the properties that you're notified with when they're available! Once you're ready to purchase, contact us to provide your full name or entity along with the email to send a contract to. We'll send a contract for signing using Docusign to secure your property. All of our properties are first come, first serve so you must act fast!


Step 2: Deposit Earnest Money to Escrow

Once you sign the contract, we will put you in contact with our escrow officer. Then, you'll deposit with check or wire transfer earnest money to the escrow company.


Step 3: Prepare for Closing

You will coordinate with our escrow officer to sign any documents needed to move forward with the sale, as well as prepare all final funds to close.


Step 4: Close the Deal!

Our team will help you with any post closing necessities like receiving keys or verifying vacancy. Now it's up to you to put your magic to work on your new investment property!

Realtors / Wholesalers, We're Here For You!

Want an offer price on a deal before locking it up? Have a deal you just can't sell? A home owner thats asking too much? Sellers with No Equity? We can help!

Submit your deal here with us and we can market it to our large group of private investors or possibly buy it ourselves and get you paid!

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